Wine List

Seyval Blanc   One of our estate grown  favorites with a golden yellow color , honey and herbal eucalyptus aroma.  The wine is dry with a crisp acidity and citrus peel finish. Bronze Medals. $22


Chardonnay     Our smooth-drinking Chardonnay with light acidity and a fuller body.  The un-oaked zestiness lends notes of wood and vanilla while the fruit contributes hints of thyme and white flowers.  $17


Sauvignon Blanc This wine’s green, herbaceous and fruity scents are sometimes accented with musky aromas, flavors consistently fresh and bright.



Farmhouse White  This is a semi-dry Gewurztraminer.   Find   rose petal, ginger, honey, ginger,  allspice,  smoke. For food pairings, think   Middle Eastern and Moroccan cuisine, both utilizing nuts and dried fruits with roasted meats, as great examples.  $17

Barnyard White Mildly sweet, with a fresh complex mix of grapefruit, stone fruit and honeysuckle. This is a viognier with a light to medium body, slightly tart.


Rogue Rose  (White Merlot)  A dark blush wine made from Merlot grapes! It is light and flirty and

Practically begs you to pack your picnic basket and go! $17



Farmhouse Red

A tantalizing blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and our own  delicious Marechal Foch. Earthy yet subtle, distinguished by the Cab.   $17


Marechal Foch  Our estate-grown red, the Foch never fails to deliver, with a rich opaque deep purple hue. Earthy, smoky aromas may include butter and rosemary.



Leon Millot 2017  One of our estate reds, the color is a rich garnet, the finish, soft in tannins, makes this very good for sipping.  Bronze Medals.  $22


Merlot   Our  vibrant bright purple wine has food-friendly medium-high acidity balanced by toasted oak, red fruit, black pepper and spice. Bronze Medals   $17


Cabernet Sauvignon Fundamentally speaking, Cabernet is a full-bodied wine with dark fruit flavors. Ours is soft, however, light and juicy.   $17


Pinot Noir    This California-bred red will offer up a variety of tastes, including but not limited to red berry, vanilla, clove and licorice.   $17



Blueberry Wine    Consistent multi-MEDAL WINNER at competitions will leave you wanting more and more! Medals: gold, silver, bronze.   $18


Cranberry Wine   Bright cranberry nose, bracing acidity and just enough sweet to enhance the fruit character. Silver , Bronze Medals     $18


Strawberry Wine     Fresh summer sips from Rogers Spring Hill Farm, Haverhill berries. A soft strawberry nose gives way to a surprisingly off-dry medium-bodied rose that lingers on the palate.   $25